Koppert iPM
intelligent Pest Management

Optimized Scouting with Koppert iPM
Pest and disease management has always been a great challenge in agriculture. A healthy crop is paramount, while there is also a growing demand for sustainable food production and increased pesticide restrictions. Scouting is a significant part of pest management which can assist the grower to make timely decisions and apply precision treatments.

Koppert Biological Systems, Inc. has developed Koppert iPM, a unique scouting software application, to assist growers with their in-depth integrated pest management program. Koppert iPM consists of two components, a Scout App and an online Dashboard. The Scout App works with GPS outdoors and has an intuitive user interface. The Dashboard gives the grower insight into pest issues in almost real-time once uploaded from the field. Koppert iPM scouting software helps to reduce costs for pesticides, due to a highly accurate insight into pesticide efficacy and optimized timing of biological applications. These factors increase the efficacy of control agents, thereby reducing the need for pesticides and increasing crop health and yield.

For more information and a demo visit www.koppertipm.com.
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