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Efficient bumblebee pollination for your garden or greenhouse from Koppert.
In the past, when naturally occurring pollinators were abundant, pollination in home gardens was taken for granted. More recently, the extensive use of broad-spectrum insecticides by commercial growers, municipalities, and many home gardeners, along with a continent wide decrease in the wild honeybee population, has changed the situation dramatically. Many home gardeners are finding diminished size in the fruit they grow, and that the number of fruit or vegetables per plant is reduced as well. In most cases, this can be directly attributed to the lack of proper pollination. This trend can be reversed in your garden with the use of Koppert's NATUPOL© bumblebee GARDEN HIVE©. Not only will you see your yields rebound, in many cases you will have your best yields ever!

Quite simply, pollination is the transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil of the flower. Your garden is usually pollinated by insects and wind, and to a lesser extent by water and small animals such as mice, bats and birds (e.g. the hummingbird). It can occur within the same flower, between different flowers, or between different plants.

All pollinators visit flowers for their own purposes, i.e. to collect nectar, pollen, or both. During these visits, pollen collects on their bodies and is then transferred to a stigma.

You will find that NATUPOL© bumblebees are a cut above other insects, such as honeybees, when complete pollination is your goal. They work faster, visiting many more flowers per minute. Their large size lets them carry huge pollen loads, allowing longer foraging trips, and achieving better contact with flowers. NATUPOL© bumblebees will also work under conditions that other pollinators find intolerable. First of all, they can pollinate in a greenhouse. More importantly, NATUPOL© bumblebees can work in temperatures below 50 degrees F, the perfect solution for pollinating your early spring blooms. Honeybees have not proved to be effective in either of these environments. Not even strong wind or moderate rainfall will prevent the bumblebees in your GARDEN HIVE© from going about their pollination duties.

A single hive will pollinate any garden up to 5000 square feet. With a maintenance-free Koppert GARDEN HIVE©, you don't have to be a beekeeper to have the benefits of proper pollination. Koppert will deliver the hive to your door via UPS. All you have to do is remove the hive from the shipping box, place it near your garden on a cinderblock or bricks, open the hive entrance, and walk away. The bumblebees will do the rest. Sheltering the hive from the elements (sun and rain) can further enhance your GARDEN HIVE©'s performance.

The handling that occurs during shipping can be a bit upsetting to the bumblebees in a newly delivered hive, leaving them agitated and very eager to leave their home. To ensure that your pollinators have had sufficient time to calm down after transport, Koppert covers the hive opening with a fiber mesh that the bumblebees must chew through before they can leave the enclosure. They will usually gnaw through about an hour after the hive gate is opened. By this time, they have calmed down and are ready to peacefully adjust to their new surroundings.

As with most other species of bees, bumblebees can sting, though they rarely do. In hydroponic greenhouses all over the world, Koppert's NATUPOL© bumblebees work side by side with greenhouse workers…INDOORS!! Because NATUPOL© bumblebees are very docile in comparison to other bees, the incidence of people being stung is quite rare. In an outdoor garden, your contact with an upset bumblebee would be an extremely uncommon occurrence. In fact, we think spending time in your garden watching friendly bumblebees go speedily about their work is a fascinating experience. Every time you see a flower being visited by one of your NATUPOL© bumblebees, you'll know that in a few short weeks you will have a beautifully developed fruit in its place, waiting to be enjoyed by family and friends.

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